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In the event of an accident involving an insured vehicle used for personal or commercial purposes, the company will compensate for the damage to the vehicle by repairing it at approved workshops or the agency in accordance with the terms of the policy, if the loss is deemed partial. If the loss is total, as in theft, fire, or accident, the company compensates the insured at the insurance or market value, according to the terms and conditions of the insurance policy, until the maximum compensation included in the policy, or the individual policy is reached.

The insured vehicle is comprehensive insurance or compulsory vehicle insurance (third parties) under the company's insurance policy, whether the vehicle is private or commercial, and if the vehicle causes an accident that causes damage to a third party or any of their property, the company will pay the third party in cash compensation at the third party's expense, and the compensation also includes The monetary value of injuries and deaths as determined by the court in accordance with the terms, conditions, and exceptions of mandatory vehicle insurance.

  1. In the event of an accident involving the insured vehicle, you must immediately call Najm at 920000560 or go to 993 to report the accident.
  2. A Najm or traffic representative attends the accident to inspect it and prepare an accident report.
  3. If necessary, the customer visits one of the Taqdeer Center's affiliated centers to inspect the vehicle and determine the value of the damages, or the sheikh of the exhibition.
  4. The estimate program electronically sends the estimate to the company's mail.
  5. The client (if the client's responsibility is 0% or a joint percentage) or a third party affected by the accident (necessarily) visits the compensation center with all the documents required to file a claim for compensation for damages.
  6. The company determines whether the vehicle damage was a partial or total loss based on the "Taqdeer" program's report on the damages.
  7.  If the damage is deemed a partial loss, the company will certify one of the authorized workshops to repair the damaged car if it is covered by the Shamel policy, or it will pay the compensation to the third party in cash.
  8. If the loss is considered total, the company pays the customer the value of the vehicle (according to the terms and conditions of the concluded insurance policy) by transferring to the bank account.
  1. Compensation for vehicle accidents will be paid in accordance with the terms, conditions, and exceptions stated in the insurance policy and after the completion of the required documents, and any claim with incomplete terms and documents will be denied.
  2. If additional documents are required, the customer or a third party is notified via text message.
  3. Vehicle evaluation is performed by any of the " Taqdeer" program centers located in the major cities, the eastern, central, and western regions. In the remaining regions, the assessment is carried out through centers approved by the Traffic Department in each region.
  4. The traffic accident report must be signed and stamped by the Traffic and/or Najm Company, and all fields must be filled with the required data.
  5. Compensation shall be paid within a maximum of 15 days of the completion of all required documents, or according to the Saudi Central Bank's terms.
  6.  To match the photo, the original car registration form and ownership document must be submitted.
  7. Complete an accident report form, including a detailed explanation of how the accident occurred from the vehicle driver, and an accident notification.
  8. The company will pay the compensation after ensuring the integrity of the accident procedures and their compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Receipt of the claim does not constitute acceptance, and the company will pay the compensation after ensuring the integrity of the accident procedures and their compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.
  9.  To facilitate the exchange process, the customer must provide Al Etihad Insurance Company with his IBAN number, which has 24 digits.
  10. If the car is stolen, the police are called at 999, and a copy of the police report is attached to the claim documents.
  11.  If the car was drowned (due to torrential rain) or caught fire, contact Civil Defense at 998 and attach the Civil Defense report.
  1. Accident report template
  2. The official report of the party who was directly involved in the incident or accident.
  3. A copy of the driver's license (the one in use at the time of the accident).
  4.  A duplicate of the driver's license.
  5. Permission sheet for repairs.
  6.  A report on the value of repairing comprehensive insurance vehicles or a third party from one of the Taqdeer program centers, traffic-approved workshops, or the sheikh of exhibitions for clients from remote areas or traffic-approved workshops.
  7. In the event of injuries or deaths, a legal document from the court is issued.
  8. Estimate the cost of comprehensive insured vehicle repair if the conviction rate is on the third party or there is a percentage of the accident on the Al Etihad Insurance-insured vehicle.
  1. Toll Free (8003040110)
  2. Mobile application
  3. Live chat via the official website of Al Etihad Insurance Company.
  4. WhatsApp 0581560110
  5. Customer Care Mail
  6. Twitter (customer care) @ALEtihadInsCare

Fill out the attached cancellation form.

  1. A copy of the IBAN card
  2. A copy of the insurance certificate Cell phone number
  3. A copy of the ID

Along with all documents, provide a copy of the pledge of allegiance or a copy of the alternative insurance or a certificate of dropping a plate

  1. A cancellation letter submitted to the company stating the reason for cancellation (existence of alternative insurance - final exit - death, God forbid - or transfer of his guarantee)
  2. Provide a company with proof of the reason for cancellation
  3. Bank IBAN
  4. Commercial Register

The maximum limit of the company's liability as specified in the policy schedule for any insured person before applying the deductible.

Please provide us with the following documents so that we can complete your transaction as soon as possible:

  1. Medical insurance application letter
  2. A copy of the commercial register.
  3. Fill out the medical disclosure form.
  4. A copy of the identity of the person benefiting from the health insurance.
  5. A copy of the company owner's ID.
  6. Fill out the "Customer Data Form"

Unfortunately, we cannot provide coverage to the Saudi employee's parents; however, if the employee is a non-Saudi and his parents are under his sponsorship, we can include them in coverage by opening a new policy in which the son (the sponsor) is the holder of the policy, and the mother and father are added to the policy provided that the policy holder is the son (sponsor) has effective insurance.

Domestic workers cannot be insured because they are not required to carry insurance. The insurance does not cover the costs of medical treatment received outside of the Kingdom.

Medical insurance costs vary depending on gender, age, medical history, and geographic scope. Al Etihad Insurance offers a wide range of insurance programs to meet the needs of all segments of society. To learn more about these programs, please call our toll-free number or visit one of our sales offices or authorized agents.

The insurance industry is founded on a set of fundamental principles, the most important of which is the requirement that all parties involved in the insurance process act in good faith. However, abuses by either party to the detriment of the other parties do occur from time to time. The most visible of these abuses is fraud or abuse. Fraud is defined as any act committed by any party to obtain illegal benefits. Fraud may be committed by the agent of the insurance company, the service provider, or the customer himself.

To combat this negative phenomenon, which harms the insurance process in general, the Saudi Central Bank issued an anti-fraud regulation that defined the types of fraud, anti-fraud standards, typical indicators for detecting fraud, and the measures that insurance companies must take to prevent fraud and protect customers' rights.

  1. Vehicle insurance premiums will be raised to compensate for the increase in loss rates.
  2. Denial of approved deductions due to the driver's accident-free record.
  3. Refusal of compensation based on falsified documents.
  4. Cancellation of the insurance policy and loss of insurance coverage as well as the remaining premium
  5. Take steps to impose legal penalties from the appropriate authorities.

Inform the competent authority in charge of the accident (Traffic-Najm) of any manipulation in the description of the accident, or the replacement of the driver, or any other fraudulent means.

Not collaborating with the driver who caused the accident to shift responsibility to the person who has an insurance policy.

Any intentional act by a medical insurance card holder, an insured facility, hospitals, or medical service providers to obtain undue compensation or benefits for themselves or others through deception, concealment of required documents, or/and intentionally providing false information is considered fraud.

  1. High medical insurance premiums to cover the increased loss rate and its negative impact on all clients.
  2. Stop issuing medical insurance policies to reduce fraudulent claims and access to health care through medical insurance.
  3. Cancel the insurance policy and suspend the client's insurance coverage if fraud is discovered.
  4. Stop dealing with medical service providers, depriving patients of excellent treatment.
  5. The insurance company faces financial losses because of false claims, threatening its ability to continue operations.
  6. Refusal of the claim and failure to obtain the appropriate compensation.
  7. Scammers should be prosecuted.
  8. If the medical card is used by others, the insured may suffer health consequences because of tampering with his medical history.

The amount paid on financial claims based on the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

If you buy a new car from a dealership or an agent, the price of the car will be considered the insurance amount. However, because the value of the car decreases over time, you must calculate the insured amount based on the current market value and its estimation by the sheikh of exhibitions or the car appraisers committee.

No Claim Discount (NCD) is the percentage of reduction to your sum insured based on term (i.e., the number of years that have gone without claims)

If you are stranded within the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we offer 24-hour roadside assistance in the event of an accident (optional additional coverage concluded in the insurance policy), which includes car towing, tire replacement, battery charging, and fuel delivery. A complete list of services is available in the insurance policy.

The first party is the insurance company, the second party is insured, the third party is affected

You can check your eligibility for the no-claims discount in the special section “Eligibility for Insurance Discount” available on Najm Insurance Services website (

We provide additional insurance coverage such as temporary car rental, personal accident benefits, GCC driving, and roadside assistance.

If I choose to include it in my insurance policy (another vehicle, how will I benefit from it, and does it cover the same category as my vehicle)?

We leave it up to you to select a car from any of our registered car rental agencies. We will reimburse the rental cost in accordance with the insurance policy's terms and conditions.

Yes, you can cancel the insurance if you provide a reason for the cancellation (such as not owning the car or obtaining alternative insurance) and submit all required documents. The amount refunded is subject to the terms of Al Etihad Cooperative Insurance Company policy.

The roadside assistance service is only available within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Whether it is a third-party or comprehensive insurance policy with non-registered driver coverage, you must specify the name of a person who is at least 18 years old and has a valid driver's license and add it to the insurance policy.

The insured amount is the maximum amount that your insurance company will pay, minus any additional amounts, if your car was assessed for a total loss in an accident. It is assessed and then compensated in accordance with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.

Filling out the form should be done with caution, and all information should be disclosed in full transparency.