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Flood Claims

1/ In the event that the vehicle is damaged as a result of rain, which is covered by comprehensive insurance, you must immediately contact Najm Company on the unified number 920000560 to prove the report.

2/ A representative of Najm shall attend to inspect the accident and prepare the accident report.

3/ A vehicle assessment is requested from an approved assessment center in the event that the insurance policy is for individuals and the condition of the vehicle is damaged

4/ Submitting a claim through the company's compensation center in Jeddah, or through the company's website, the Najm website and branch, or visiting the Al-Etihad Co-Operative Insurance Co. branch.

5/ Providing the customer with the claim number and providing him with a directive letter to the authorized service providers.

6/ Actions will be taken on the vehicle according to the type of loss (partial or total) and the customer will be informed of that.